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So you’re ready to buy vacation rental property in Florida, but you’re undecided about where to find the perfect property. And who can blame you? Florida is home to plenty of beautiful cities that attract avid vacationers throughout the year. Short- and long-term renters crave unique experiences combined with incredible locations. While there are certainly many places that are good options, we feel that only 7 can be considered the best. 

When you’re looking to buy vacation rental property in Florida, a few cities in Southwest Florida warrant strong consideration. From Fort Myers in the North to Naples in the South, these cities along with a few others in between have the perfect formula for what many vacationers want.  

These cities, listed in

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naples pier gulf of mexico things to do in naples royal shell real estate

Maybe you’re a local planning a staycation. Maybe you’re outlining a Southwest Florida vacation. Either way, you’ll find many things to do in Naples, Florida. From fine dining and shopping to basking in nature’s glory, you’ll find something for everyone. If you're thinking about moving to Naples, it will feel like you're always on vacation and you'll never be bored.

The list of things to do in Naples, Florida, is a long one. Five options include:

  1. Festivals and events

  2. Golf

  3. Nature and parks

  4. Museums and attractions

  5. High-end shopping and dining

Naples reports more than 300 sunny days each year. That makes enjoying the nearly endless activities in Naples easy and fun.

Things to Do in Naples

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how to stage a home for sale woman vase flowers

If you’re selling a house, you need to know how to stage a home. Staging a house can take your property from drab to fab and help potential buyers envision themselves in the space. When you stage your home properly, you can highlight the assets while downplaying the flaws. This makes it easy to sell your home quickly and get your asking price -- or even more! Learn the ins and outs of staging a home for sale.

When you stage a home, you’re an artist at work. Staging a home makes it more appealing to buyers and makes it look more like a model home. Home staging is the art of rearranging, cleaning and making minor remodeling changes to enhance your home’s look.

You can stage a home by:

  • Decluttering

  • Enhancing your home’s curb

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breathtaking views benefits of living in a luxury high rise royal shell real estate

High-rise living offers some notable benefits that make it an attractive option for many home buyers. Once you consider the upside of the high-rise lifestyle, all you need to do is find the perfect one. We can help you do that.

Benefits of living in a luxury high-rise include upscale amenities, gorgeous views, and more. Whether you’re looking to move out of a traditional house or a low-rise apartment, luxury high-rises have no shortage of outstanding benefits. 

Here are the top 5 that we believe tower above the rest. 

1. Breathtaking Views

Ok, let’s get to the obvious one first. If you’re considering a luxury high-rise, the astonishing view is likely near the top of your list. And why shouldn’t it be? Part of the appeal of living in a

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